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How long until a well-deserved holiday, Christmas, Easter - or whenever there's the first pension? Since when I'm happily in love, engaged, married or even divorced? CountMe shows it. With CountMe you have all your countdown and Countups always there. And you keep your devices in sync with icloud.

Read in advance as you can use the app and off you go …

✔ Create a new count:
• tap the bottom right icon, then click the "plus"
• or zoom with two fingers on the screen

✔ Count delete / edit:
• press the count in the main view for one second
• double-click the screen in the detail view or zoom

✔ Counts BROWSE:
• wipe from right to left or from left to right

✔ main charge:
• Tap the top left symbol

✔ Counts search:
• Tap the bottom right icon, then on the magnifying glass

✔ icloud / settings:
• Tap the bottom right icon, then the left button.
Sliding the switch to "on" or "off".

✔ message center (Notification Center):
• The "message center" will report, if a countdown expired.
So you always know it.

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